Why I'm Running

I believe in the promise of America. That’s why I am running to serve as our Congressman.

I still believe in that promise, even though government has done everything to destroy that belief and make it unattainable. Government has grown in size and power—and, that power is moving into the hands of fewer and fewer people.

Government has never been bigger, more expensive and more powerful. Yet, our economy is weaker; small businesses are crumbling and inflation is destroying our savings and eating our paychecks. And, we feel less secure.

Too many parents are filled with anxiety because they aren’t sure if schools will be open—and, aren’t sure what their children are learning. Test scores are down—and, government’s answer is to stop testing, lower standards or to stop publishing results. Worse, when parents express concern for their children, they’re too often told to be silent—or threatened with the FBI coming after them.

We pay much more to fill our cars and heat our homes—with much of that fuel coming from Russia or other adversaries. Yet, our state, nation and Canada have enough oil and gas to power our cars and businesses and heat our homes. We sit powerless as Russia rolls through the Ukraine, in part, because America and our allies need Russian oil and gas.

All this has taken place, while our member of Congress has been silent.  Congresswoman Houlahan voted to support the excessive growth and wild spending—and, then expects praise for doling out our tax-dollars to families, businesses and communities wrecked by her party’s decisions.

Our community doesn’t want more aid or programs; we want to go to work and keep more of our paychecks. We don’t want to be afraid of the FBI coming after us.  We want power returned to our communities, our families and ourselves. And, we don’t want to depend on Russia to heat our homes or fuel our cars, or China to make our microchips.

Everything seems to be going in the wrong direction. But, there’s hope.

Someone has to stand-up and speak out against ever-growing, arrogant and out of touch government to restore the promise of America.

I believe in the common-sense of the people of our district, and across America.

Main Street—and those local businesses—can support our communities, if we give them the chance.

Parents know what’s best for our children—not an ever-growing nameless, faceless bureaucracy.

Powered by American energy, we can power our homes, cars and businesses; clean our air and protect our national security.

We must reduce the power and size of government and increase our power in our communities and lives.

Sadly, Congresswoman Houlahan has failed to show the independent leadership we had hoped from her.

I stand ready, willing and able to lead the charge. I ask my fellow citizens to send me to Congress—because, I believe in the promise of America.


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