Thank you, and still committed to our cause.

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Thank you, and still committed to our cause.
I still believe in the Promise of America.
I am eternally grateful to those who helped me in every conceivable way: from the people I did not know who hugged me at the polls in New London or those like the congregants at the Hispanic Church in Reading who told me that they were praying for me and my family, to the hundreds & hundreds who donated their time, treasure and talent; and, last but not least, to my campaign team & super-volunteers, and my family who worked with me from day one until the end.
Americans are hurting financially, feeling insecure at home and when they go shopping; anxious about their children’s future—and, we are, sadly, a deeply divided nation. Many of us have very different goals; different priorities and different values—let alone policy disagreements.
Yet, what we do have in common is that we are unified because we do not feel good about the way things are—and, we do not like the angry, divisive tone in politics, in government and in our daily lives—where too many are focused on the battle and not the solution. If we can agree that we want to repair our shared anger and feeling of being powerless, that would be a good place to start—if, we want to put our children in a chance to succeed, to do better than us.
I congratulate Congresswoman Houlahan on her re-election. Congresswoman, this fall during the campaign, you spoke about being bipartisan; securing our border; making us energy independent; and, standing-up to President Biden when necessary—along with your personal philosophy and priorities. In the coming days and months, when you are out and about at festivals and fairs, at schools and fire stations please listen to our neighbors, expressing their fears about border security, and our need for true energy independence, and their anxiety due to inflation and the sinking economy. Many voters embraced your message about bipartisan solutions. I respectfully ask that you carry that message forward.

My campaign discussed the many policy failures—but, more importantly, offered a path forward; and, offered Hope built-on our shared problems and CommonSense solutions. I will continue to work for these solutions as a private citizen—urging those we elected to be bold, engaged and to be both listeners as well as leaders.

As a citizen, community leader, dad and softball coach, I’ll do my best to continue to be part of the solution—to offer CommonSense solutions to our kitchen-table problems.
For our nation, for ourselves and for our children, I still believe in the Promise of America. With eternal gratitude and hope, I am.

Sincerely yours,

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