Daily Local: Chester County residents say high cost of gas putting a pinch on budget

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“You don’t have to be a chamber president to recognize that gas prices are rising, too high — and eating away at our paychecks,” said Guy Ciarrocchi, former president & ceo of the Chester County Chamber.
“You don’t have to be a Republican to know that Biden’s policies of shutting down American drilling — stopping Americans from working to access and use American gas and oil — have made things much worse,” Ciarrocchi said.
Ciarrocchi said he is spending approximately $16 more each time he fills up his gasoline tank compared to a year ago. “And, we must all remember that the cost of food and everything we need to buy has gone up because gasoline has gone up so much,” he said.
“We need national policies to restart accessing American energy,” Ciarrocchi said. “Pennsylvanians need to safely access and use the natural gas under our feet — to put people to work and lower costs for everyone.”
He added, “The alternative is higher prices for everything; and, allowing Russia and others to drive prices higher — and, they’ll do it with little regard for the environment. It’s our choice whether we win or lose.”

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