Former Rep. Harry Lewis

I will be voting for Guy Ciarrocchi for Congress in the upcoming Primary.  I ask our Chester County Committee to support and endorse Guy so that we can unite behind him, and send him to her our Representative in Congress.

As Chief of Staff to Lt. Governor Jim Cawley, as CEO of the Chester County Chamber and as a leader in our party, Guy has shown a true understanding of public policy that is unmatched. Even more importantly, he has shown a true commitment to our community and the people in it.

Throughout his work in our party and in his various leadership roles, Guy has shown that he’s a bridge-builder, a coalition-builder and a leader. He has shown that he wants our party to grow in size and to be welcoming and inclusive—while also passionately advocating for traditional conservative values and policies to help people.

He has the experience, the heart and the outlook that will build a team to defeat Congresswoman Houlahan. More importantly, I know he will serve as a effective public servant and ambassador for our party.

Please join me in supporting “my guy,” Guy Ciarrocchi.

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